19 Creative and Inspirational Photos

If you’re a seasoned photographer you probably remember the days when you first started and the enthusiasm you had to shoot anything and everything, but as time goes by you keep shooting the same photos and it gets monotonous. Creativity is the key to overcoming this obstacle and probably the hardest aspect of photography which doesn’t just apply to amateurs, you’ll find you’re constantly working on this and thinking up new ideas for every shot, even as a professional. Photography is constantly changing, there’s always some new gear, new locations to discover and new creative ways to shoot them.

A few tips to help you get those creative juices flowing is to simply browse other photographers work online, for example on some photography social networking sites like 500px.com or flickr.com. Some other ways could be choosing a theme and starting a new project based on this or a photo challenge such as taking a self portrait of yourself for a month. One good way to practice your creativity if it’s not feasible to carry a DSLR around with you every day is to use your phone, and perhaps try some filters and practice editing them.

Now to get into the inspirational photos, which are all copyright free and will hopefully give you some useful ideas for your next project.

baubles, tree

Assorted coloured baubles decorating a tree

white, blue, bubbles, ice

White and blue ice bubbles clouds

metal, bike

Metal motorbike sculpture and pipes

woman, forest, tree trunk

Woman floating on a tree trunk in a forest

art, patterns, shapes

Retro spiral patterns wallpaper

mannequins, art museum

Mannequins hanging in an art museum

coloured umbrellas

Pattern of coloured umbrellas

woman, bushes

Woman hiding in a bush of flowers

coloured crayons

Macro of three coloured crayons sharpenings

spiral shapes

Spiral shaped tunnel and a human hand

face, woman, wall, painting

Painting of a woman on a wall

woman, face, shadows

Woman in shadows with glitter on face

woman, purple mist

Woman in purple paint fog

paint splashes

Coloured paint splashes palette

ice cream, clouds, hand

Ice cream cone and clouds held in a hand

ceramic, head

Ceramic head with brain sections labelled

stars, jar

Night sky stars in a jar

lemons, fruit

Yellow and pink lemon fruit slices

umbrella, paint clouds

Clouds of coloured paint on an umbrella

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