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The Beautiful Bokeh Effect – A Complete Guide For Beginners

One of the most popular subjects in the world of photography, Bokeh or Boke is an effect that photographers and ...
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Bright & Sparkling Eyes With Lightroom – Here’s How It Works

Eyes are one of the most important parts of a portrait photo as they bring the image to life. Eyes ...
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Arsenal Smart Camera Assistant Review – UPDATED 2019

Artificial Intelligence is entering everything. It has already made its way into our TVs, our cars and our phones. With ...
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Moment Smartphone Lens Review – UPDATED 2019 – Turn Your Phone Into A DSLR

Smartphone cameras are getting better and better with every new release. They have become the most popular cameras of the ...
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Real Estate Photography Leads – 5 AMAZING Marketing Tips

Real Estate Photography is more a business and less photography. Breaking into the field of real estate requires business skills ...
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Leica C-Lux Camera Review – A High Quality Compact Camera

A recently introduced fixed-lens camera from Leica, the C-Lux is a compact model featuring a 20 MP CMOS sensor. Designed ...
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Telephoto Zoom Lens – Here’s Why It’s Essential For Landscape Photography

Whenever you think about landscape photography, the only thing that comes to your mind is a wide angle zoom lens ...
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sRGB vs Adobe RGB vs ProPhoto RGB – Color Spaces Explained

You might have sometimes noticed that the colors of a photo you export and upload on the web look off ...
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Macphun’s Aurora HDR Pro Review – Updated 2019

The Macphun Aurora HDR 2018 is the latest iteration of the Macphun photo editing software, Aurora HDR. While this version ...
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Hyperfocal Focusing – What Is It & How To Use It?

Sometimes when you shoot a landscape, you desire that everything from the front to the back of the site is ...
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Slow Speed Sync Photography – A Complete Guide

When using camera flash in low-light or other challenging lighting conditions you will require a proper exposure. Most of the ...
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Multiple Exposure Effect Photoshop – Create Stunning Images With Ease

You may have seen an interesting effect of two or more overlapping photos in magazines, advertisements and on music album ...
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10 Essential Lightroom Plugins You Shouldn’t Be Working Without

Lightroom has become one of the most essential parts of a photographer’s workflow. It is a highly useful tool from ...
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Creating Digital Cyanotype Using Photoshop – A Complete Guide

Cyanotype photography is a highly popular film printing technique which gives a beautiful and appealing, cyan-colored tone to a photo ...
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Focus Stacking In Photoshop – A Complete Guide

Where an image is focused can tell us a lot about the image and the photographer. Focusing on something trivial ...
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ON1 Photo Raw Review – UPDATED 2019 – Best Raw Editor For Your Photos

The self-proclaimed photo editing alternative to Lightroom and Photoshop, On1 software has just come out with their latest editing platform, ...
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Incredibly Realistic Sun Rays & Flares In Lightroom

It is often the case that the pictures taken in low level lighting can turn out pretty badly, even when ...
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Neutral Density Filters – A Complete Guide To Better Landscape Photographs

One of the most useful tools of a landscape photographer, filters are pieces of glass attached to the camera lens ...
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CPL Filters – An Essential Tool For Breathtaking Outdoor Photography

Using lens filters lets you go beyond the standard and explore something new with your photography gear. It has the ...
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Merging Multiple Lightroom Catalogs Into One – Here’s How It Works

What is A Lightroom Catalog? Adobe Lightroom is an image manipulation software that was first released in 2007 as a ...
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How To Capture Dramatic Cloud Photos

Clouds are often an overlooked and ignored part of a scene, and they appear all the time in Landscape photography, ...
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SEO For Photographers – The Complete Guide To Maximizing Exposure

For any business, getting exposure to more potential clients is necessary. This is true for photographers too. You may have ...
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Razor-Sharp Autofocus – A Simple Guide To Calibrating Your Lenses

When you finally make the decision and get an expensive lens, you expect them to be perfect. But unfortunately, regardless ...
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Stunning Camera Zoom Effects

A photography zoom effect is when the subject in a photo appears to be moving towards or away from the ...
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The Beauty of Low Light Photography

Winter is arriving and this means fewer daylight hours and so less time for shooting. You might have already stored ...
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A Simple Guide to Exposure in Manual Mode

When you start using manual mode on your DSLR you first need to know about the 'exposure triangle', which is ...
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The Basics of Colour in Photography

Strong and dynamic colours can add another dimension to your photos and turn just an average photo into an eye ...
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Top 7 Lifestyle Photography Tips

Lifestyle photography is a type of photography not many people have heard of before and encompasses a range of other ...
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How to Shoot Stunning Winter Landscapes

A lot of photographers are tempted to take a break from shooting when winter arrives because of the short days ...
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19 Creative and Inspirational Photos

If you're a seasoned photographer you probably remember the days when you first started and the enthusiasm you had to ...
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Using Complementary Colors For Color Correction – How Does It Work?

Color Correction, also known as Color Grading, is the technique of altering the colors present in a photo. This can ...
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Range Mask In Lightroom Classic – A Complete Guide

The addition of Range Masking features to Lightroom Classic has bestowed newer superpowers on the photographic community. Range masking tools ...
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Find Your Best Photos Using Lightroom Compare View

For photographers who tend to capture a lot of photos, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out which one ...
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The INCREDIBLE Power of Luminosity Masks In Photoshop

Post-processing has always remained an integral part of photography and with digital advancement, we have more possibilities than ever before, ...
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6 Creative Tips to Improve Your Photography

Changing up your photography and thinking of new ideas is probably the most difficult part of being a creative photographer ...
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34 Creative Photography Ideas

If you're stuck for ideas of what to shoot next and looking for some inspiration, this article will hopefully give ...
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Top 19 Photography Tips For Beginners

Tip 1: Use RAW File Format This is one neat tip that you should learn from experimenting with your camera ...
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Photography Basics For Beginners

This guide covers the basics of photography and should be useful for any beginner photographers wishing to gain a basic ...
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12 Black and White Photography Tips

A long time ago photographers didn't have the choice of using colour, so they were forced to take all their ...
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10 Landscape Photography Tips

If you don't know what to look for in a landscape to create your final shot you could end up ...
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12 Portrait Photography Tips

Tip 1: Preparation Before you start shooting your portraits you need to do some planning, which is essential if you ...
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Essential Camera Filters Guide

There are many filters that are useful for different situations and types of photography, but there are two filters that ...
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bug macro

Macro Photography Tips For Beginners

Macro photography has the ability to transport the viewer into a miniature world of details not often seen, opening up ...
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hdr, landscape, river, cliffs, trees

A Guide To HDR Photography For Beginners

Have you ever taken a photo and the conditions were perfect but when you uploaded it to your computer the ...
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10 Nature And Wildlife Photography Tips

Tip 1: Essential Gear Before you set off on your wildlife photography trip, you need to consider what gear you'll ...
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Photography Composition Rules And Techniques

This short guide to photography composition covers the rules of some composition techniques, useful for beginners and anyone wishing to ...
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Top 8 Wedding Photography Tips

The following are a few wedding photography tips for beginners and anyone new to wedding photography to help prepare for ...
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How To Take Good Pictures For Beginners

This guide covers some of the basics of how to take good pictures, and goes into detail to help you ...
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How To Photograph Flowers

Spring is undoubtedly the best time to get started photographing flowers. There's beauty everywhere you look at this time of ...
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Camera Scene Modes Explained

Nearly every camera comes with a few scene modes, from sports to landscapes, they'll help you take better photos without ...
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15 Amazing Websites With Free Stock Images

Are you looking for some eye catching images for your next project but don't want to pay for them? If ...
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A Simple Guide To Black and White Photography

Black and white photography is an art that became unpopular at the advent of colour photography, but is gradually being ...
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How to Stay Motivated as a Photographer

At some point as a photographer you'll hit a wall in which it's just too much effort to get out ...
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Master Photography With These Essential Tips

Every photographer aspires for a high level of skill and the ability to shoot dramatic photos with ease. And anyone ...
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Mistakes to Avoid as a Beginner Photographer

Making mistakes is an essential part of the photography learning process and as a beginner you'll make a lot of ...
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Take Your Photography to the Next Level for Beginners

If you have some experience in photography already but you're struggling to get those epic shots that the pros seem ...
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When to shoot in black and white

Black and white images have a certain powerful presence that warrants attention. Plus, the absence of color allows us to ...
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Tricks to Get Good Black and White Photographs

This one is for beginners. A lot of people are mesmerized by black and white photography, so here are some ...
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Top Tips To Capture Stunning Family Portraits

We have all come across the dreaded words, “just look at the camera and say cheese.” It is dreaded because ...
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Top tips for black and white portrait photography

Taking portrait shots in black and white can add a certain mood and quality to your photograph, truly bringing out ...
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Top Photography Tips That the Pros Have Been Keeping From You

You may find that it is super easy to wrap your hands around a DSLR and click away but there ...
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Top Lighting Tips for the Perfect Picture

There are many rules of photography, most of which one learns during their practice with this art. Here are the ...
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Tips on Taking Amazing Outdoor Photographs

Taking outdoor photos can sometimes be very challenging, but present lots of opportunities for amazing photo shots as well. Mentioned ...
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Tips for Shooting on Black and White Film

How Is It Different? Shooting on Black and White film is very different from when you use color. The most ...
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night, street lights

Taking Photographs at Night

It does not matter whether you want to take gorgeous photos of the night sky or a scene that only ...
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So You Are A Beginner?

Ace Photography as a Beginner With these Tips A lot of people are just getting into photography. These tips will ...
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Easy Photography Tips and Tricks

Photographs are memories that we get to look at for years on end, and taking the perfect shots requires some ...
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Light and Shadow in Black and White

Lighting and shadows in black and white photography are probably the most important details that will make a great photo ...
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Introduction To Black and White Photography

Black and white photography is an art in itself, you will pay more attention to the lighting and shading than ...
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Shooting Night Photography in Black and White

When it comes to shooting black and white, there are many aspects of photography that might change and which you ...
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How To Improve Your Wildlife Photography

Ever since the DSLR and digital cameras became more readily available, a lot of people have started showing enthusiasm and ...
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How To Capture Lightning

Storm Chasing is a real thing; in fact, many professionals out there, both videographers and photographers, who have years of ...
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How to See Photos in Black and White

Turning your images into black and white photographs is actually quite simple. Once you develop a few skills you’ll be ...
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How To Create Stunning B&W Photos In Lightroom

1: Clarity Adding clarity to an image will instantly turn any dull looking black and white image into a great ...
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B&W Photography Underwater

A previous post mentions why black and white photography has captivated millions of people for millennia and still does! The ...
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Black and White Portraiture

There are numerous advantages of black and white imagery over its colored counterparts. The images look ageless; it makes your ...
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monochrome, shadows

Black and White and Monochrome Photography

When a photograph displays a single hue instead of the original colors at the time it was taken, it is ...
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building, architecture

Top Tips for Epic B&W Architectural Photos

Photographing a building is quite different from taking pictures of people and nature. While the latter are organic, the former ...
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landscape, tree

A Short guide to Black & White Landscape Photography

When it comes to landscapes most people don’t expect to take great pictures in black and white. Large areas of ...
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owl, eyes, colour

Adding Color to Life – B&W Photography with a Splash of Color

The Attraction Those bird eyes may seem cliché but they catch your eye as no other bird would! A splash ...
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How To Take Stunning Photos On Your Smartphone

If you don't have the money to invest in an expensive DSLR or if you simply don't want the hassle ...
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