Easy Photography Tips and Tricks

dancers, movementPhotographs are memories that we get to look at for years on end, and taking the perfect shots requires some creativity and skill. Following are a few tips and tricks that can be utilized in making photographs more meaningful with the best possible results:

Use the Golden Hour for Surreal Photo Captures

If your aim is to achieve an incredible photo with a hint of a warm sunny glow, then photograph at the golden hour, which is the very first and last hour of each day’s sunlight. During the golden hour, you can get those desirable soft golden lights for portraits with halo like effects that are just simply stunning to the eyes.

The Burst Mode to Your Rescue

The burst mode can be utilized to capture the perfect jump shots and stunts along with fleeting expressions in group shots. When using the burst mode, you can capture numerous photographs in a series of quick succession shots. This feature is available on most of the digital cameras and can be set in motion by simply pressing the shutter button and holding it down on your camera.

When taking jump shots, the fast shutter speed can be perfectly used to freeze and capture any movement. The trick here is to get low and as close to the ground so that the jumpers appear to be higher. Also, when jumpers create different shapes in jump movements, it makes for a beautiful floating capture.

Dreamy Landscape Captures with an ND Filter

A neutral density (ND) filter can give you a lot more control over photo captures. When you take pictures of flowing water, slow down the shutter speed of your camera and use an ND filter to make the appearance of the fast flowing water look silky and calm and dreamy.
The ND filter can be used to properly regulate the light amounts in a photo and when you slow down the shutter speed in your camera, you can get the exact same exposure as a capture without a filter.

Those Fabulous Night Time Captures

With the bulb mode, (B) you can get exposures of any length instead of just 30 seconds with the standard mode and is very helpful in photographs including the night sky. For night time captures, remove any protective filters like skylight or UV if you want clear images of the surroundings as the filters can produce flares from light sources and ghostly halos in the images.

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