How To Capture Lightning

lightning, storm, sky, waterStorm Chasing is a real thing; in fact, many professionals out there, both videographers and photographers, who have years of experience, go out and find the weather that we wish wouldn’t hit us. What we hear is bellowing thunder, watch torrential downpours, hurricanes, and tornadoes, and see how the skies are filled with brilliant lightening and bold colors.

Safety and Precautions

Yes, lightning is definitely one of the most dangerous subjects to photograph even for experts with tons of experience in the field. Remember, if you can hear the thunder than you are most susceptible to being hit by lightning. You can also lower your risk of being hit by staying inside a hard topped vehicle and shooting pictures with the help of a window mount.
Another way to safely capture images is to set the tripod camera outside where you want to shoot, while you stay inside and use a remote and trigger the shots.

What Should One Focus On When Capturing Images of Lightning Bolts

When you are photographing lightning, it is important you get three objectives to work on. Also you should try to capture the bolt as sharp as you can. It will help you if you chose a composition that helps you isolate the lightning. But remember to be creative at the same time. You can shoot at different times of the day or shoot during different temperatures. Try working in color like that of the blue of the twilight.

Pros love to capture a clean image of a lightning bolt straight from the cloud in the sky to the ground. It is the stark simplicity of the bolt that they showcase. Other than that, you can also get inspiration from branching out lightning, zigzags, and multiple bolts.

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