All black and white nature stock photos are 100% free under Creative Commons 0 to use for any commercial or personal projects with no attribution or royalties required to the photographer. lack and white nature stock photos can include photos of wildlife, plants and landscapes.

When shooting images of animals you will need a telephoto lens, usually 300mm is adequate. This is so you don’t have to get too close to the subject and scare them off, and you would need this to capture birds in flight. A tripod is a good idea to avoid holding the camera for too long while you wait, and also to avoid camera shake. High ISO settings may be needed for fast moving subjects to capture them in motion without blur, although this is sometimes the desired result.

For capturing plants you will usually need a macro lens to get in close to the subject, and also an off camera flash gun with diffuser to light up the subject on cloudy days.

For capturing black and white landscape nature images it’s best to use a tripod so you can use low ISO settings for the best image quality possible, and also because you probably won’t need faster shutter speeds. A polariser filter is a good choice for landscapes if you want to avoid reflections in water or increase the contrast, also an ND grad filter to darken the sky if it’s bright. To compose the shot you can try using the rule of thirds and lead in lines. The rule of thirds involves splitting the image up into thirds by placing two vertical and two horizontal lines in the image and placing subjects on the lines or at the intersecting points. Lead in lines are lines in the image, such as a river or path that lead the eye up towards the main subject, and this is a useful technique for any type of photography.