All of our black and white technology images are free for commercial or personal projects without any royalties or attribution required to the photographer. The royalty free B&W technology photos in our library include images of computers, phones and various electronics.

If you’re looking for high quality black and white technology images you can browse through thousands of our photos to find some beautiful photography suitable for all of your endeavors.

Here’s a brief explanation of how to start shooting royalty free B&W technology photos. First you need to decide on what your subjects will be so you can choose a lens accordingly. Because most technology objects are quite small a macro lens would be a good all rounder for this. Macro lenses can take photos of very small objects and make them appear sharp which other lenses wouldn’t be capable of focusing on. Another piece of equipment you’ll more than likely need is a flash gun, because most of your photos will likely be taken inside and this may be in a dimly lit room a lot of the time. Don’t be tempted to use your on camera flash though because this can give ugly results with harsh light and shadows. You may be taking photos which include people though, such as a photo of an employee at their desk on a computer, and this would require a different lens. A zoom lens or portrait lens would do well in these situations.