Tips on Taking Amazing Outdoor Photographs

train tracks, fogTaking outdoor photos can sometimes be very challenging, but present lots of opportunities for amazing photo shots as well. Mentioned below are a few tips on how you can enhance your photo captures through outdoor shots:

Keep Your Foreground in Mind

Photographs are two dimensional; therefore, a photo can look flat if, say, you take a shot of just some distant hills or mountains. You can make a photo appear to be more towards a three dimensional scale if by shooting some streaming sunlight through the mountains or you can add some depth by using a lens of a wider angle by photographing a person or a particular object in the foreground.

Don’t Forget About Your Background

The background in an image can either make or break your shot. If your subject, for example a flower, is very brightly illuminated with some sharp rays of sunshine, you should position your camera in such a manner that there appear to be some dark shadows behind it. This will make your subject stand out in prominence.

Timing and Contrast

Certain times of the day can add beautiful contrasts to scenic images, and sunlight can further accentuate that contrast between rising fogs and dark hilly backgrounds. Dramatic lighting at the perfect time can make any landscape shot pop. The key is in knowing your location and the perfect time of day to enhance that capture.

The Highs and Lows

To make a photograph more dramatic, try giving it some unusual perspective. You can use an ultra wide angle lens and crouch down really low in order to emphasize the foreground. This way the object you’re photographing will be the central focus and will add a dramatizing effect to your image.

You can also get up high on a large rock or a tree or simply just climb a few steps uphill to get high above your subject. This will help in creating a sense of scale to your photos and will reveal a lot of the background and middle image in a picture.

The Aperture Priority

If your camera has an aperture priority setting, you can get some control over your depth of field and the amount of the picture that you want in a sharp focus. The camera will automatically set the speed of the shutter for the creation of the proper exposure. You can get either an entire image in a sharp focus, or a particular object displayed with sharp focus to catch the eye of the viewers.

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