Top Tips To Capture Stunning Family Portraits

family, mother, daughter, dadWe have all come across the dreaded words, “just look at the camera and say cheese.” It is dreaded because this is as far as most of our efforts go in making sure that the camera is able to get a good photograph of our family.

Well, you can always change that. Here are some tips that will change the way you see photographs while you will also have a great time taking them.

It is very important that people understand the family dynamics before they decide to shoot. This is something that goes over the typical name and kids of the family. Your job is to try to find out and understand what the people who will be appearing in the picture like or dislike.
For instance, if you want young children in the frame then you might want to understand their personalities as individuals because a good portrait is supposed to portray that. You can also experiment if you are not sure.

The Structure When You Are Shooting

The structure is the key. It will make sure that you keep your sanity intact during the photo shoot. Keep a plan of action. You can make it a point to simply educating everyone on what is going to happen and what they should expect. Remember the first few minutes into the shoot are warm up time. You test the light, figure the right lens and so on. Tell everyone in the shoot what is really going on. This way everyone will feel a whole lot relaxed knowing that these shots do not really count.

After this is the point that you input an activity, for example walking, playing with everyone in the park, etc.

Make Sure You Are Having Fun

This is the only way that you will be able to capture genuine moment between the family members. For portraits with younger kids, you can even go with a trickle fest shoot, or blowing bubbles together. Just make sure that when you are holding the camera, you keep on clicking so that you get some pretty good candid snaps throughout the entire process. You can even make use of some props as well; older kids may need that as they do not spontaneously start grinning at the sight of a camera and photo shoot settings.

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